Kaxi BETA info

The Kaxi BETA is only available to those with a BlackBerry® Dev Alpha Device. If you have one and would like to participate in the program by submitting bug reports and your thoughts/feedback, then sign up to the right. If you are accepted into the program you will be notified by email and your account will be granted access to the BETA portal.

BETA Features

Submit Bug Reports

If you encounter an error or glitch in Kaxi you will have the ability to submit a bug report so we can fix it as soon as possible!


Share your thoughts on Kaxi and any suggestions you may have to improve the experience for users before the launch of the next version.

Download the latest release

You will have access to the latest BETA release of Kaxi before its seen in the BlackBerry® App World.

Sign up

Kaxi only works in the United Kingdom at this time, a USA ready version is currently under development.
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You will be notified by email if you are accepted into the BETA program.